Join My Team of Addicts!!

Stampin’ Up! needs all kinds of demonstrators!!!

The new Starter Kit is here! Now, every new Stampin’ Up! demonstrator can create a customised Starter Kit for just $169. This is just one of the ways Stampin’ Up! is demonstrating the My Way philosophy of doing business-by making the Starter Kit completely customisable.

With the new, flexible Starter Kit, you can customise your creativity-your way. Each kit contains a business supplies pack (valued at $80)-things that every demonstrator needs to start your business. After that, the choice is yours to put together a kit with any of our high-quality products. You can choose up to $235 worth of any supplies to create a kit valued at over $315 that still ships for free!

Now opportunity comes at a lower price, and with complete customisation, sharing the Stampin’ Up! opportunity has never been easier. By reducing the concern about the cost of getting started, you can focus on what matters most: starting your business, your way.


Which kind would you be?

Discount purchaser:  Likes buying stamps for personal use at a discount, and occasionally orders for friends and family;

Short-Term Demonstrator:  Sells for a short time to earn some extra money and stops when the goal is reached;

Seasonal Demonstrator:  Works hard at the business during September, October and November for seasonal money and maintains minimum orders and sales during the balance of the year.

Hobby Demonstrator:  Love doing demonstrations and earning extra money when it’s convenient; works a lot some months and very little other months; likes to do workshops that are easy to book; and doesn’t like to work too hard to book workshops.

Career Demonstrator:  Views Stampin’ Up! as a viable income with long-term career potential; loves attending Stampin’ Up! events and has developed close relationships with other demonstrators; works at her business in a consistent manner.

Why become a Demonstrator?

Regardless of the type of demonstrator you want to be, you are still entitled to the following benefits and more…

  • Receive over $315 worth of products and supplies in your Starter Kit for only $169.
  • Ongoing 20% discount on all Stampin’ Up! products.
  • A 30% discount on your first order (if made within 45 days of signing up, minimum $300).
  • Receive a free copy of the Idea Book & Catalogue and Mini Catalogues as they are released.
  • Receive 20% instant income from customer orders.
  • Demonstrators are eligible for hostess benefits as well.
  • ‘The option of having orders delivered straight to the customer or hostess.
  • If you decide to build your business by maintaining minimum monthly sales and by recruiting, you will also receive extra monthly rebates.  Ask me for more details on this.
  • Receive a monthly copy of “Impressions”, the full colour glossy publication from Stampin’ Up! which provides creative techniques and project ideas, business advice and sneak previews of up coming specials and announcements.
  • Pre-order/preview purchases available to demonstrators up to a month before new products and specials are available to customers.
  • Access to the Demonstrator website, which is bursting with project ideas and advice.
  • Access to the Demonstrator forum and Stampin’ Connection, where you can have all your questions answered, be in contact with other Demonstrators nationally, share ideas and samples, business advice and communicate with a network of like-minded individuals.
  • Invitations to Regional Seminars (training days) and the Annual Convention (June 2012, Canberra).
  • Support and advice from your upline (Me!!), whether your goal is to support a hobby or run a profitable business.
  • No annual renewal fees.
  • No penalties or charges if you decide to leave, even if you never put another order in!!

If you have any questions about Stampin’ Up! or becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, please contact me on 0408 193 792 or email

You can also join with me online here.