13 June 2011 – Craft Room

I thought it was time that I shared my craft room with you.  Also it is looking rather tidy, so I thought it was a good opportunity to take some photos!!

My craft room is located at the end of the hallway, next to the laundry and garage.  It also has the biggest wardrobe, which is why I chose it to be the craft room.  I had my Dad make shelves in the wardrobe so I could store more in there.  I have been a crafter for a long time, so I have lots of stuff!!  I’ve done many crafts over the years including patchwork, folk art, embroidery, scrapbooking, card marking and cross stitch.

So this is the entrance!!  I have a wallhanging that I’ve made, a folk art hanging and a decorated letter “R”.

To the right of the door, I have a large bookcase with all my boxes on it.  I love boxes and decorating them, although I have tried to down size in the last year as I’ve tried to use up or sell some of my supplies.  Beside that I have a smaller bookcase where I keep my current stamps and big shot accessories.  I’ve separated my stamps into clear and wood.  I love the clear stamps as the boxes are easy to stack and seem to take up a lot less room.  I also love being able to see the images on the side (even if you need a magnifying glass for some!!) I’m finding that I tend to use them more often as I can see what the images are without having to get the box out.  You can see my big shot bag at the bottom of the bookcase.  I’d love to have a table or bench to have it out permanently but I’ve run out of walls to put it against!!

We then come to the main wall, which I had my wonderful husband put up some shelves for me.  I tend to only use what I can see (thus, it’s all out!!) I’m afraid I don’t have a beautifully tidy workspace but it works for me.  I have my paper storage at the right (I have had hours of fun labelling every drawer!!)  I have my laptop and extra screen set up on small drawers which have some of my older style punches in them.  I’ve just got a new storage unit for the new flatter punches which is fabulous!!!  I used to keep my punches on the bookcase behind me which was a pain, as I’d have to keep getting up to get the right punch.  I’d then end up surrounded by punches!!  So now, I’ve got them right to hand which is great!!  Underneath the desk, I have some extra drawers and my filing cabinet.

Now we come to the main working area, where all the crafting happens!!  Now I know my desk looks cluttered, but I don’t use what I don’t see, so I’ve got all the important bits to hand!!  When I’m on a roll, I often end up with just my craft mat visible and all the bits piled up around me!! With everything having it’s own home on the desk, it’s easier to put it back during a session.  I’ve just put the ink pads to the left side and it seems to be working well.  They’ve had a few homes on the desk over the years, but this just might be their permanent home.

Beside this is my craft trolley which I take to workshops.  I can just wheel it in or out to put into the car.  I keep most of my workshop equipment in the trolley so that I don’t have to remember to pack everything when I go to a workshop.

On the wardrobe door, I have a poster of the Stampin’ Up! motto which I got at convention a couple of years ago.  Nothing like keeping inspired!!

I hope you have enjoyed checking out my craft room!!  Let me know what you think!!

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